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Britney Brown-Chamberlain Is Shaking Things up in the Kitchen

After rediscovering her childhood passion for cooking and baking, Britney Brown-Chamberlain launched a thriving food blog and social media account to share recipes and document life moments along the way. Find out how she does it all in comfort and style by outfitting herself in durable Duluth Trading Company workwear.

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Meet Britney

A classically trained pianist, Britney Brown-Chamberlain has always enjoyed being hands-on. Growing up, she had a love for cooking—though over the years other passions began to take priority.

“I was going to be a doctor,” she says. “I went to school for pre-med and then I decided another 8 to 10 years of schooling was probably not ideal for me, so I went into cancer research in the clinical field where I worked for 7 years.” Her interest in returning to the kitchen was reignited a few years ago on food’s biggest holiday: Thanksgiving.

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“When I met my husband, we threw a Thanksgiving party and he out-cooked me,” she recalls. “I was like, ‘this cannot be,’ and so I just started cooking again.” She began to write down her recipes, inspired by her travels, childhood, and other moments that have stuck with her.

When the name Britney Breaks Bread popped into her head, she decided to start a social media account followed by a blog under the same name.

For the Love of Breaking Bread

In the beginning, Brown-Chamberlain had a strong emphasis on baking, but now her content covers cooking as well. “I think I’ll always be a baker at heart,” she says, reminiscing about mixing ingredients like eggs and milk as a child just to see what would happen. Now, inspiration for her recipes can come from many places, but she’s particularly influenced by the changing seasons.

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“In the winter, I love to make stews and during the fall, I use apples, pumpkins, and squash,” she explains. “In the summer, I like cooking with fresh fruits.” She also knows that many of her readers and followers are busy, just like her.

“I’m really enjoying things that are easy to make, taste good, and don’t require a thousand ingredients,” she says, citing a no-bake cheesecake and a rice dish with chicken and vegetables as recent favorites.

Unique Kitchen Style

When it comes to culinary fashion, Brown-Chamberlain lets her own style shine through—and doesn’t feel the need to conform to what may be expected of her to wear in the kitchen.

“I should be wearing an apron but nine times out of ten, I don’t,” she says. “I don’t usually wear jeans in the kitchen. They’re just not practical if you’re bending down.” Instead, comfort wins. You’re more likely to find her in breathable fabrics, loose-fitting tops, and anything durable enough to withstand the occasional stain.

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Lately, she’s been reaching for the Folklore Flannel Duster from Duluth Trading Company because it’s perfect for layering and doesn’t get in her way while she’s hard at work in the kitchen. “I love how it feels on my body,” she says. “It moves with me, it’s warm and quite comfortable, and I love the color.”

She also calls out the Lifetime Leather Chelsea Boots as a favorite style. “I’m on my feet all day long, so it’s awesome when you finally find a pair of shoes that are cute, comfortable, and that fit into your lifestyle,” Brown-Chamberlain says. Her ideal clothing for the kitchen mixes comfortability and style, and that’s exactly what Duluth Trading Company delivers.

Finding Joy in and Out of the Kitchen

As Brown-Chamberlain’s audience grows, there is one reader in particular who she is hopeful will continue to pull up her large archive of recipe ideas for years to come.

“Now that I have a baby, having these recipes on my blog is almost like a memoir,” she says happily. “I try to put at least a paragraph or two in each recipe about what’s going on in my life, whether it was something nostalgic that inspired a recipe or something I came up with on a whim.”

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She also encourages others to follow their passions and shares a favorite quote she keeps on a note on her phone for inspiration: Follow your light or lose it. “I look at it every day,” she says. “When you find something you love, you should water it like a plant.”

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